About Us




CloudOffering was founded in 2017 as a demo site to show potential customers the power of customizing their very own personal webstore through First for Cloud.

As a subsidiary of First Distribution, First for Cloud is Africa's original cloud services brokerage.

First Distribution constantly tracks global trends and has foreseen the expected impact of cloud technologies on the channel. The distributor has been aware of a definite and sustained market shift in this direction for a while and is determined to take advantage of the opportunity which it provides. End-users are beginning to expect and demand cloud services, and First Distribution's management team strategized on how to deliver cloud to the channel.

With First Distribution's great vendor relationships and a well-established reseller channel, a cloud brokerage seemed to be the outlet most strategically aligned with the distributor, and thus First Distribution proudly launched First for Cloud, a business dedicated to providing the World's Best Cloud Services, in May 2014.

First for Cloud has the full support of First Distribution as well as enjoying the benefits of a strategic alliance with world-class vendors. So far, Africa's original cloud services brokerage is having a real and sustained impact on the channel.


Vision & Mission


First Distribution wanted to find a way to enable its traditional and current resellers to resell cloud services to existing end-users as their demand grew, in a simple way. They wanted to make it easy for resellers to get the World's Best Cloud Services and onsell them without the hassles associated with having to negotiate and organize their own set of services.

In short, First Distribution wanted to provide a pre-packaged solution which was quick to set up, easy to install and simple to understand. Thus First for Cloud was born in an online partner branded platform which enables resellers to sell cloud services to their end-users.

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